Think Safe. Be Safe.

School bullying and personal safety are two concerns that are on a lot of people’s radar.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to access information that might help us out. But even though the ways we access information have been updated, a lot of the information hasn’t. Having a list of tips we may or may not remember in uncomfortable situations can still leave us feeling unsure of ourselves. To actually boost our safety and well-being, we really need the core skills and confidence to respond to situations that we could one day come across. And that’s exactly what Safety with Sam™ is all about.

In Sam's Words:

Living in a home with a dad who is personal safety and bullying prevention expert definitely impacted my overall outlook on the two issues. With personal safety, Dad wanted us to be aware of the possibilities but not to live our lives in fear. And with bullying, he wanted us to be able to stand up and speak up for ourselves and others without things snowballing or getting swept under the rug. After his workshops, he would come home and tell me that parents are always asking him if he had a training program for kids to get the same skills.


Speaking from experience, sorry dad, but young people like myself don't enjoy getting a lecture from their parents. And then it hit me: I bet if a peer was passing on the advice, teens would be more open to the message. I also thought it would be amazing to have other young people involved in the project; a teens teaching teens experience if you will. So after going through my own training, I approached some of my long time theatre friends to see if they would be interested in helping to create a unique and very much needed video series, targeting young people who need these really important skills. And here we are!

  • Start the Conversation

    We get that it is hard to talk about personal safety or bullying without bringing in our own fears. But instead of getting caught up in worry and anxiety, we bring facts and a bit of fun to this essential conversation.

  • Increase Safety

    It might seem difficult to take these things head on, but the reality is that we are all capable of taking action and responsibility for our own safety and well being. Much like most things in life, it just takes a bit of practice!

  • Boost Confidence

    Enhance your ability to be assertive and to make safer choices while at home, school, or in the community without the worry of being rude. Learn to be confident in your choices and to trust your intuition.


Samantha is a Canadian born actor, singer and student. Sam is very proud of her Métis heritage, with ten great Aunties setting a wonderful example of inner strength, courage and connectedness. Sam completed ARETE 's Personal Safety facilitator program and is excited to launch her practical and humorous video training series; Safety with Sam. She lives in British Columbia with her family and loves to travel, paint and participate in school theatre productions. Samantha is thrilled to have worked alongside her brother Nathan, who played the part of 'creepy guy' in the Personal Safety video and the teacher in the School Bullying Prevention video.

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